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Types Of Air Conditioning Systems For Mobile Homes In Orlando, FL!

If you are a mobile homeowner in the Orlando, FL area, you need to be aware of the different types of air conditioning systems that are available to you. The type of system that you choose will determine how comfortable your home is and how often it needs to be serviced. Here is a brief overview of the four most common types of air conditioning for mobile homes in Orlando, FL

1) Central air conditioners – These systems use a compressor and condenser unit to cool the air in your entire home. They are typically installed on the roof or side of the home. 

2) Split system ACs – These units consist of an outdoor compressor/condenser unit and an indoor evaporator unit. The compressor draws in warm air from inside the home and sends it outside, while cooling refrigerant gas is compressed and sent into the indoor evaporator unit. This type of system is best suited for larger homes. 

3) Packaged terminal ACs – Also known as PTACs, these systems are installed in a single cabinet that contains both the outdoor compressor/condenser unit and the indoor evaporator unit. They are typically used in motel rooms and other small spaces. 

4) Window ACs – As their name suggests, window ACs install into a window opening and blow cold air into the room. While they are not as efficient as other types of ACs, they are still a popular choice for mobile homes due to their low cost and easy installation. 

No matter which type of air conditioning system you choose for your mobile home in Orlando, FL, it’s important to make sure that the unit is installed correctly and maintained regularly. This will ensure that you stay comfortable all year long and avoid costly repairs down the line. If you need help installing or require residential AC repair in Orlando, FL, be sure to contact a qualified HVAC technician for assistance.

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Our technicians have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure that your air conditioning system is installed correctly and runs efficiently. Whether you need residential AC services or commercial AC maintenance in Orlando, FL, contact Comfort Zone Air Conditioning AH Corp. team at (407) 234-0128 to schedule an appointment. 


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